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EADC receives $10,000 from the Betty and Davis Fitzgerald Foundation

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

The Betty and Davis Fitzgerald Foundation recently presented $10,000 to the East Athens Development Corporation. Inspired by the EADC’s work, the Foundation’s funding team voted unanimously to award the grant to the nonprofit organization for general operating expenses -- whatever is needed to address urgent local community needs. “The Betty and Davis Fitzgerald Foundation is so happy to be your humble partner,” executive director Jackie Stradley stated in the notification email, adding: “We're excited to give you this grant to help with all you do!” Over the last two years, the Fitzgerald Foundation has contributed a total of $30,000 to EADC. The Foundation’s mission is to honor Betty and Davis Fitzgerald by making a difference in the lives of others, primarily through opportunities in education and health care for Metro Atlanta and Georgia. Betty Fitzgerald was born in Winchester, Kentucky, in 1926 and began working in Atlanta in 1948 after graduating from Duke University. Davis Fitzgerald was born in Atlanta in 1922, graduated from Georgia Tech, and served in the Navy. Upon returning to Atlanta, Davis took a job at Trust Company of Georgia and married Betty in 1950. The couple lived in Atlanta for the next 55 years. Davis continued working at the bank. The couple believed deeply in supporting important community causes. Their estate, now the Betty and Davis Fitzgerald Foundation, is their gift back to Atlanta and Georgia. EADC board chair Diane Dunston, MD, thanked Foundation for “the kind and generous” support. “Thanking God for the blessings,” she further commented.

Executive director Fred O. Smith Sr. says EADC doesn’t take donors’ confidence lightly. “The support of the Betty and Davis Fitzgerald Foundation is essential to our ability to address community needs during an extremely difficult time for many in our community,” he added.

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