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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

A Look at Summer Camp


Robot class combines fun with the opportunity for kids to build and engineer robots while learning visual coding, and DIY learning. The EADC summer camp is partnered with Chess and Community, where four coaches from Chess and Community lead four teams each week to conduct classes, Robot classes incorporate competitive challenges, where kids task their robots with specific actions.

               OUTDOOR  GAMES

EADC summer camp has prepared 12 kinds of outdoor sports, hula hoop, water polo, basketball, football, team competitive games, super large team games, etc. Every camper has in-game learning, growing, and thriving.

​          reading

EADC summer camp has an incredible line-up of interesting books and a slate of compelling guests reader who is eager to connect with our extraordinary campers. Campers will get up close and personal with these guests and listen to their stories every week.

        FIELD TRIP

EADC summer camp prepared five field trips, including 9 different locations. (Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca Cola, Clark Atlanta, APEX Museum in Atlanta, King Center, Atlanta Pen, Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park, etc.)

​    guest speaker

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      pool time

Grey Limbo

Guest speakers play an important role in our summer camp program. This summer, we've worked hard to provide our campers with 5 different experiences and unique programs so kids can learn, grow and appreciate the world.

Visitors from Athens Clarke County Police Department to share internet safety tips with our campers.  
Visitors from ACC Water Conservation Department to share science and math outdoor activities.
Visitors from Minority Business Association come Tuesday and Wednesday to do budgeting and money activities with all campers.
Visitors from“Get STEMulated”: Ms. Monique Sanders, Project Engineer, introduces students to interactive activities about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  Campers will make hair care products for natural hair.
Visitors from Redemption Photography Studio taught the campers about photography, and videography.

              diy lab

The weekly DIY Days at EADC summer camp offer different DIY activities for our compers, including T-shirt DIY, Baking DIY, ice cream DIY, candy DIY, and flavored pickles DIY.

      pool time

       GIFT SHOP

GIFT points are very important for campers. Every day, campers can earn points for their excellent performance. EADC summer camp has prepared

20 different gifts for campers. Camper can spend points to buy any Gift in the store.

EADC summer camp brings campers into the pool to

enjoy the coolness and joy brought by swimming after

outdoor activities.

EADC summer camp ensures fresh, nutritious,

delicious food and snacks for every camper.

We focus on food health and nutrition, We offer

over twenty different snacks and fruits.

FOOD AND snacks

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