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Healthcare training and job placement

Georgia is suffering from a shortage of nurses. By the year 2030 Georgia is projected to have the sixth worse nursing shortage in the country.  The shortfall will be over 50,000 individuals below the needed number of nurses to provide patient care. It is expected that there will be a 36% growth over the next ten years in available positions for allied health professionals.

Innovative Healthcare Institute, through a Memorandum of Agreement with East Athens Development Corporation, Inc., provides training for Phlebotomy, Patient Care Technicians, Medical Assistants, and Certified Nursing Aides. By providing a pathway to PCT and MA training, IHCI is positioning CNA’s on a path of upward mobility in the medical profession.

Innovative healthcare institute

If interested in enrolling in courses via Innovative Healthcare Institute or donating to their organization, contact:




100 Seagraves Drive, Suite 1

Athens, GA 30605

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